There are a total of 7 nights in Boogeyman. As each night progresses, they continually ramp up in difficulty. With the latest update, you can use items to help you through each night. These items are found in between nights.

Night Mechanics Edit

Sound & Audio Cues Edit

In Boogeyman, it is essential that you pay attention to the audio cues. Failure to do so will often result in death. Each spot in the room (Door, Vent, Window, Closet) makes a distinct sound when the Boogeyman is at that spot. Distractions will often occur during the night, making it harder to hear the audio cues at each spot. As each night goes on, the audio level of each cue will become lower and lower.

Flashlight Edit

The flashlight is your only line of defense against the Boogeyman. It runs on a battery system that is quick to drain, and a common strategy is to flash the light at the Boogeyman instead of holding it on. To replenish your battery, you must look under the bed. This will not guarantee a battery, though, as there is also the chance that nothing at all will appear, or the Boogeyman will attack and kill you instantly.

Tapes Edit

In the beginning of each night, a tape from the cassette player will begin to play. The tapes will give hints to the backstory of the house and how to survive each night. They seem to have been recorded by a young girl named Alicia who used to sleep in the room that Thomas's family moved into.